Slowly I’m Knitting.

Well, I’m finally about to catch up on a few life events here. Obviously I can’t write about everything in my life since I last posted. My life has been so crazy that I think I could write a book over my last few adventures.

Now down to the knitting business. Since I’ve been busy moving, traveling, and directing a Summer Mission I have been very behind on my knitting. I do have a few pieces from this spring that I completed and would like to show you, but unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be able to do much knitting until September…

This first piece is my most recently completed project. It is just a free Patons Yarn pattern I grabbed a few years ago from Hobby Lobby. I used Classic Elite Yarns MountainTop Vail. I only used one skein and ended the piece a few inches short because I didn’t have a second skein and didn’t want to pay to have one shipped up to Alaska. It will still look just fine on in the fall. I wanted to knit myself one of these because I thought it would look cute for a more casual/sporty fall outfit. I am kind of excited to wear it with my black North Face shell, skinny jeans, and some Sperry’s.


My second piece I completed in early May for my best friend, CJ, as she was just about to have her second child, sweet baby girl Evie! I cannot wait to get back home in July to meet her. I love every little beautiful picture she sends me of this sweet little blessing. I also am excited for a little bit of free time to knit Luc a little something for the winter! He’s so cute and looks a lot like his mother.


This third piece is a hat that I knit up, I don’t know who I’m going to give this to yet. It’s knit for a little girl about a 2T size. The purple in this is so cute, I imagine it going to a girl with brown curly hair… just haven’t met her yet!


Currently I have a couple of projects on my needles. The first one is a double knit cowl that will be super cute, but I had to set it down because lately I haven’t had a moment to myself to really concentrate on it and I’m a little nervous I’ll make mistakes since I don’t really know how to double knit yet… If you have any tips/suggestions I would love to hear them! My second project is another washcloth. I am making a set for my Mom like the purple one I think I posted before.

Check out my knitting page to see more pictures of these three projects I completed!


Mesquite St.

My little house here in New Mexico is cute, for the neighborhood. Most the people around here are honestly sort of trashy. At least compared to what I’m used to. I tend to go a little bit crazy missing open space, clean air, different plants, and animals.

I have been thankful for a few of the plants beginning to bloom and get green again. I took a few pictures, nothing spectacular, but in this neighborhood these things qualify as beautiful and lush.

Head on over to my Photography page if you’d like to see more pictures. Before I move I will try to give you a little bit more of a taste of Mesquite St. and the rest of the city. No promises though!




Please note that my watermark is extra small on these recently updated pictures. They are not for public use. If you’d like to use my photos please contact me to ask permission.

Time & Tears.

I’m sure you all can tell that it has been just short of a year since I last posted. I will not get into all of the reasons why (I would love to, but someone out there will read this and make it about them instead of what it really is about. When you work in ministry you learn that very very quickly).

In short all you need to know is that the last year has not been a fun one by any means. I have had little reason to post anything blog worthy in the last year (even my knitting wasn’t that fun, it was a means of survival). The last year of my life has held more tears than all of my life combined. That is not an exaggeration by any means. Not only has it held tears but its held weight gain (an embarrassing 20lbs) along with depression. Really the last three years of my life haven’t been great, all for very different reasons, but I am glad to say that at the end of this all there is joy.

As a lot of you are slowly finding out, I will be moving back to The Good Life (Nebraska) in May (sort of, I will be spending most of May through mid August in Juneau, AK). I am excited to move! I am also excited because I think I’ve only been excited enough to show excitement a whole five or six times in my life. (Emotions just really haven’t been my thing, which is why in one years time I have cried more than my whole life combined.) I am hoping that this excitement will lead to some more blogging/creativity in my life!

I would love to take a moment to share with you a poem I recently wrote called Time & Tears. After that I will give a knitting history of the past year, for those of you who follow my blog to read about my knitting. I’m sorry for my lack of pictures but I honestly didn’t care to document much of this past year.

Time & Tears

-Abbigail Marie Hitchcock

Time is a miserable experience

Is he good?

Is he bad?

Does he care? 

He is a deceitful thief

Never on your side

His only companion is Tears

And Tears, she can never be trusted

Confusing reality with perceptions

Stealing stability 

Clouding judgement

Time and Tears are not what we are made for

They don’t bring us joy

They only try to change us 

They aren’t reliable 

They are only signs

Signs that we are not relying on Who we should be 

Signs that we are not made for this earth

Signs that we need more than joy

Signs that we need new life

I have found that new life 

Time & Tears no longer have control

They have lost the battle

They are not within me

They can leave me

Now, moving on to my knitting history of the past year. This will just a brief count of items that I have knit as I haven’t kept track of patterns, brands of yarns, or pictures of the projects. Maybe later in April I will photograph a few things, but most of my project have already been given away or moved home.

Hats: Three for the Alfords (red, bright green, and a light olive green). Five for myself (sea green, red, black, grey, and light brown). One for Jordan Ishmael (purple). Two for Malanie Robinson (white and purple). One for Candace Hitchcock (brown).

Cowls: One for Ashleigh Rhodes (grey ombre). One for myself is still a work in progress (grey).

Scarves: Two for myself (orange and white stripped, and grey). I was excited to finish the grey one as it was my first ever cabled project!

Socks: One pair for Kylee Braithwait (purple based self patterning yarn). One pair for Allison Hitchcock (pink and purple self patterning yarn). One pair for Candace Hitchcock (yellow with burgundy toes and cuff).

Blankets: One for Chase Gibson – soon to be born (yellow).

Washcloth: One for myself (greyish purple).

Duffers: One for Kate Mott (cream and forest green).

Headbands: One for Erinn Baker (green). One for someone I have yet to decide (black).

Sweater: One for Chase Gibson (brown). One for myself still a work in progress (Reddish orange).

Dress: One for Baby Girl Alford – soon to be born (cream and grey).

Sunny San Diego.

As a lot of you know, I’m finally in San Diego! I haven’t taken many pictures yet, but I have taken a few. If you want to see a few of what I’ve taken you can check out my Photography page.

Also, if you’d like to see all of the staff for our Summer Project you can go visit our Flickr page. I have three more staff pictures to add and student pictures should be up by Wednesday night. All of the pictures in SDSP14 Staff are ones I have taken and edited.

So far the pictures I have posted on my page are mostly from a late night visit to Coronado. Hopefully I’ll get some beach photos, local photos, campus photos, and student photos up for you soon.



Going All In.

Hi Friends,

Its time again for my monthly Cru update. If you’d like to hear about my exciting news and time in San Diego (so far) please open up this PDF.

I hope you’re all doing well and enjoying this lovely Memorial Day. Don’t forget those that have gone before you today!

Oh, and here’s where I’m spending most of this Memorial Day.



Gone Fishing.

This is the last post for now, I swear.

I just wanted to share with you all a few pictures I took over Easter weekend. One day we went fishing (one of my favorite things to do) and it was BEAUTIFUL out. We were in Tripp County (South Central South Dakota) which is one of my favorite areas in the world. I love it. It is my home.

I didn’t take my camera (shame on me) so these are just pictures that I snapped with my phone. These aren’t all of them, but just a few of my favorites. I hope you enjoy them and see a little bit of why I love South Central South Dakota so much.

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Learning To Trust.

As most of you know by now I post my monthly prayer letter on here for those of you following what I do with Cru.

Since I wrote this my support situation has changed! Praise God! I’m waiting on some support that has been pledged to come in. If everything that has been pledged arrives in time I will be able to report in time to help staff Summer Project!

I would appreciate any and every prayer that this support with come in on time. If you’d like to read my monthly update for April just click the link below.


Cutest Little Sheep.

Lately I have fallen in love with sheep. You can blame my friend, Em. This little sheep that I knit up is from a kit that my Mom bought last summer in Fort Collins CO at My Sister Knits. The title of the pattern is Wolly Sheep by Marie Mayhew.

I completed this first sheep on April 1st. I am now teaching my Mom how to make them. We are each knitting one so that she will have a small herd! This is my Mom’s first circular project and her first felted project.

They are pretty simple to make. A few spots are a tad bit tricky, but nothing you can figure out by reading carefully.



I followed the pattern exactly as it says and was completely satisfied. If you’re looking for a fun, quick, decorative project this is it! What a wonderful country spring decoration to set out.

If you want to see a couple more pictures of my sheep you can on my Knits page. As soon as the others are finished I’ll add more pictures… you’ll want to stay tuned to see when they are finished because we are making a black sheep that is going to be really cute.

Hat For A Doll.

Sometimes in knitting things do not go as planned. This hat is one of those things. It’s really cute and was a free pattern I found on Caftsy. The title seemed too good to be true, 1 Hour Baby Hat. It was too good to be true…

The hat will fit a baby doll well, but no way will it fit an infant.

It’s alright though. I plan on making three more to give to a family that I met on Sunday. They have four lovely girls who I spent the day with. We watched Frozen, read, and I taught one of the girls how to knit! All four of them have matching dolls, so I thought I’d give them each one of these little hats for their dolls.


There really isn’t anything special to know about this hat. I knit it out of some scrap yarn I had. It’s worsted weight and I followed the directions as they are written. As always, this will be posted with a few more pictures on my Knits page.

For Baby Shoemaker.

Lately I’ve been knitting a baby blanket for my friend Tanya. Her and her husband, Daniel, are expecting their first child! I’ve known Tanya since I was five… that’s a long time! We grew up going to church together so we played a lot of hide & seek, tag, and talked a lot in Sunday school when we weren’t supposed to.

I’m so excited for her and Daniel as they have their first child! Especially since I missed their wedding while I was on a missions trip.

Tanya picked out the colors for this blanket, and I really like them. They are very fun.


This pattern is another free pattern on Purl Bee. Super Easy Crib Blanket.

Let me tell you, it is super easy. It’s also super soft, and super fun to knit! I fell in love with this yarn. I want to make a big blanket for myself out of it! I followed this pattern exactly as it said to and used one of the kits they have.

For those of you who have a lot of baby blankets to knit I think it would be really fun to make a baby blanket out of one color in a seed stitch or moss stitch with this yarn… I’m keeping this in mind as my friends seem to be popping out babies like crazy!

The colors I used beginning with the red end are 1140, 1000, 2080,1530, 1540,1535, and 1580.

If you’d like to see a few more pictures just head on over to my Knits page.

Tanya: As you and Daniel prepare to be parents I can’t help but think of these verses of blessing and pray them for you.

 “The Lord bless you and keep you;

the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you;

the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.” 

-Numbers 6:24-26